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Mr. John A. Ammons was a prominent attorney in late 19th-Century Gainesville. According to the 1900 Federal Census, Mr. Ammons lived at Northeast 1st Street and 1st Avenue with his wife, Kate, and their children, Mary (age 6) and Phillips (age 4). John was born in Arkansas, his wife in Mississippi, and they had a lodger living with them named Ernest Hammergren. Mr. Hammergren was from Sweden, and he told the census taker that he was employed as a clerk for the U.S. Land Office. Written on the back of a photograph of Kate is the notation that she was formerly Kate Phillips, and the people living next door to the Ammons family in 1900 were Newton and Kate Phillips, ages 65 and 45-possibly young Kate's father and maybe a stepmother (the younger Kate was 30 years old); Newton was a physician, from Mississippi. Sadly, Mr. Ammons died in 1903, apparently leaving a young wife with two very young children.
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