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The Gainesville Bicycle Club was "out for a spin" when this picture was made in the 1890s. We know the name of only one of the riders; Mr. Minot Bacon Saunders, the fifth gentleman from the left, was a Gainesville businessman. Edward O'Donald was his partner in O'Donald & Saunders Grocery (on the southeast corner of University Avenue and East Main Street-present-day 1st Street). Another partnership was Saunders & Earle Grocery on the northwest corner of that same intersection. Mr. Saunders also had grocery stores on the east side of the Courthouse Square and on East Main North between University Avenue and Mechanic Street (now Northeast 1st Avenue). The Alachua County Courthouse, in the background, was the second courthouse building in Gainesville. Built in 1884, it served almost 70 years; it was torn down when the second part of the third courthouse was built.
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