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    Duckpond on the Boulevard Duckpond on the Boulevard
The Boulevard and the Duck Pond in Northeast Gainesville had just been built when this photograph was made in the 1920s. The purpose of the spraying and pumping with the Baird Hardware rig is not known. The photograph gives us a glimpse of the Duck Pond when the Boulevard was almost bare of houses along each side. From the end of World War I until the stock market crash of 1929, Florida enjoyed a golden era of prosperity, highlighted by the Florida Land Boom. The Boom started in South Florida but did not have much impact on Gainesville until 1925 when developers began to eye this area. Mr. M. M. Parrish, who had come to Gainesville in 1911 from Kentucky, was instrumental in the development of several prosperous Gainesville neighborhoods, including Highland Heights (the "Duck Pond Neighborhood") and Golf View. The creation of the duck pond itself is mentioned in "Florida's Eden," by John B. Pickard: "Another phase of municipal improvements saw the completion of a hundred-foot-wide park along the banks of the Sweetwater Branch as it ran through the newly platted Highlands subdivision. A large retaining basin constructed at the end of the park was stocked with ducks by the city engineer who designed the project and the surrounding area became known as the Duck Pond neighborhood."
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