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The Brown House, a popular hotel for many years, was located in this three-story downtown brick building in the 100 block of North Main Street, east side; the building is still standing today. It has also been the home of Canova Drug Store as well as other stores and offices. The picture was taken about 1925, possibly a little earlier. The hotel’s location was ideal, since the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad passenger station was just across the street. An article in the "Gainesville Sun" on March 27, 1913, announced that the hotel was being "…thoroughly renovated and remodeled from top to bottom, and in the course of the next 60 days will be in the class of the White House Hotel, which is as comfortable and well appointed hostelry as could be desired by the most discriminating traveler." The White House and the Brown House were just blocks apart, both facing North Main Street.
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