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March 13, 1935, was declared "Sir Malcolm Campbell Day" by Gainesville Mayor Milton Baxley to honor the man "...whose speed exploits, whose contributions to the advancement of the science of transportation, have been blended with a dramatic and dynamic personality to make him a renowned world character." All of Alachua County was invited to a gala reception for Sir Malcolm, a British race car driver, at the University of Florida Stadium, and more than 7,000 showed up. Prof. F. W. Buchholz announced that Gainesville's junior and senior high school children would be dismissed at 10:30 a.m. for the occasion. Sir Malcolm, the gentleman on the right, flew here from Daytona Beach where the week before he set the world's speed record at over 276 miles an hour over the famed ocean course. The man on the left is an unidentified representative of the University ROTC.
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