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This view of Gainesville's newly-built City Hall, located at 200 East University Avenue, shows the south side of the building. Dedicated on April 14, 1969, it has 10,000 feet of carpeting plus central heat and airconditioning. This was a sharp contrast to the old city hall that was heated with a boiler and furnace and cooled by leaving the wooden doors open (there was a wrought-iron wicket gate that could be locked while the wooden doors were still open so employees could work after office hours). Architects for the City Hall/Library complex were Myrl Hanes, Dan Branch and David Reaves. Earlier occupants of this location, facing south, were a church building (First Baptist Church from 1897 to 1927, then serving other denominations until it was demolished-all but its tower- in the 1950s), the Tower Restaurant (which took its name from the church tower that remained standing after the church was razed-both were demolished in 1965), the boat display area for Baird Hardware (which was across the street on the southeast corner of East University Avenue and Southeast 1st Street), and a parking lot. Facing west, in the same block were the old city hall (1927-1969) and, before that, a hotel called the Gainesville House (demolished in 1926).
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