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    Alachua County Courthouse 1857-1884 Alachua County Courthouse 1857-1884
Gainesville was not the first seat of Alachua County-in fact, Gainesville did not exist when Alachua County was created in 1824. Newnansville, located near present-day Alachua, was the first county seat and served until county boundaries were redrawn in 1854. At that time the citizenry held a barbecue at Boulware Springs and voted to purchase land from Gen. James Bailey for a new county seat which would be named after Gen. Edmund Gaines, a popular general in the Second Seminole War. The new town was located a few miles east of Hogtown-Hogtown was in the present-day area of Northwest 8th Avenue and 34th Street. The courthouse in this photograph cost $5,000 when it was built in 1857. The pleasant, two-story frame structure was used until another courthouse was built in 1884 on the same site, the Courthouse Square (which was bordered by present-day East University Avenue, S.E. 1st Street, S.E. 1st Avenue, and South Main Street). Pigs used to root underneath this courthouse on summer days and judges were known to complain that the noise disrupted court. Genuine shutters were hinged on the windows.
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