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    Alachua County Courthouse, 1857-1884 - Stereoscopic View Alachua County Courthouse, 1857-1884 - Stereoscopic View
This 1880s view of the Alachua County Courthouse was taken with a stereo camera so it could be seen in a three-dimensional form through a wooden viewer (a stereoscope). Many early Gainesville scenes were recorded with the stereo camera, although most of these have faded too much for reproduction. Following is an excerpt of an article that appeared in the Gainesville newspaper, The Weekly Bee, on September 8, 1883, shortly before the building was torn down: Do you know why the court house was built with four gables? Well, when the town lots were laid off and put upon the market, the buyers on the north side demanded as a condition prior to purchase, that the front of the court house should face north, setting forth as a reason the beautiful view to be had in the near future of Bailey's pond and the 'Y' of the Florida Southern; those on the south extolled the grand view of Payne's Prairie (when it should be covered with water) and the elegant depot structure of the Atlantic, Gulf and West India Transit Railway Company; those on the East raved wildly of the beauties of Sweetwater branch, and the charming bay-galls along its gently curving banks; those on the west went into exstacies [sic] about the enchanting vista stretching away down to Hogtown creek, where Capt. Ellis used to fight the Seminoles in the days, 'Lang Syne.' Bailey refers to Maj. James Bailey, whose house (built 1848-1854) still stands at 1121 N.W. 6th Street. The Florida Southern was a railroad system. The Atlantic, Gulf and West India Transit Railway was a reorganization of the old Florida Railroad (Fernandina/Cedar Key), and it eventually became a part of Seaboard Air Line. And bay-galls refers to small trees and dense shrubs that grow in freshwater wetlands.
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