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    Alachua County Courthouse,1884-1961 - Gift of Mrs. George Evans Alachua County Courthouse, 1884-1961 - Gift of Mrs. George Evans
This is a photograph of Alachua County's second Courthouse in Gainesville, showing the structure as it was originally built in 1884 (an earlier wooden building, constructed in 1857, was demolished when this building was erected). The flying eagle and roof style lasted only a few years-the roof leaked-and it was soon changed. The photograph was a gift to the public library from Mrs. George E. Evans in October 1967. Her husband, who was born in Gainesville in 1888 and died here in 1963, was Clerk of Court for Alachua County for 36 years, 1924 to 1960. His dedication to that position earned him great respect in the community. Mr. Evans was the first man to enlist in World War I from Alachua County, and he is buried at Evergreen Cemetery, as is his wife.
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