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    Courthouse Square - East Side, 1890s Courthouse Square - East Side,1890s
This photograph was reproduced from the original owned by Klein Graham, University of Florida Business Manager for many years. It shows how the east side of the Alachua County Courthouse Square looked back around the 1890s. The store on the corner on the right is a grocery, probably part of Harrold Meat Market and Grocery which also occupied the two-story frame building next door. The next building was E. A. O'Neill Groceries. E. A. O'Neill was the father of Clarence O'Neill who began working in 1928 for the city and retired more than 40 years later; he served as Gainesville's Finance Director and Clerk of the City Commission. The next building was J. N. Vidal Groceries, and Baird Hardware occupied the buildings on the north end of the block. About half of the buildings on the block were frame, a holdover from Gainesville's very early days when all of the buildings on the Square were wooden. Buildings on the west side had been brick for several years when this photograph was taken because the west side burned in an 1884 fire. Crude overhead electric lights, power lines and fire hydrants (indicating the existence of a water system) are in evidence, helping to date this photo.
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