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    Courthouse Square - East Side< 1940s Courthouse Square - East Side, 1940s
This is a view of the east side of the Courthouse Square in the 1940s. Visible are McCrory's 5 10 25, Kinney Shoes, and Florida Bank at Gainesville. The building on the far left is Baird Hardware. The entire block was razed in the 1970s when a new Courthouse and plaza were built. Goods in McCrory's were pretty inexpensive, maybe not actually limited to 5, 10, or 25 cents by the 1940s, but not much more. Everything was displayed so it could be seen and touched, and prices were clearly marked-this was a relatively new marketing strategy. Kinney's carried reasonably-priced shoes; Kinney's moved to the Gainesville Mall when it opened on Northwest 13th Street in the 1960s. The Florida Bank at Gainesville was formerly the Phifer State Bank. In March 1954 it became the Florida National Bank.
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