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At H. M. Chitty's Clothing Store the employees turned out to pose for the unknown photographer who recorded this turn-of-the-century Gainesville scene. They were elegantly dressed in black trousers, vests and bow ties and long-sleeved white shirts. Chitty's opened in 1902 and closed its doors in July 1970; it was the oldest single-ownership business in the city at that time--owners were Henry Chitty and Cecil Mathews. The block is the south side of the Alachua County Courthouse Square. The street was not yet paved but Atlantic Coast Line rails had been laid down Main Street for the passenger train, and lights and a water system were the town's pride. Another store in the block was the Variety Store. Stores along the street offered fine and fadeless fotografs, Humbolt cigars, clothing, staple and fancy groceries, and steam heat baths. This view was copied from the original owned by Klein H. Graham, University of Florida Business Manager for many years.
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