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    Alachua County Courthouse -1958-1976 Alachua County Courthouse - 1958-1966
With the close of World War II Gainesville's population mushroomed, almost doubling, from 13,757 in 1940 to 26,861 in 1950. Before the War, students at the University of Florida were "boys." After the War they returned as men with the GI Bill in hand and accompanied, often, by a wife and children. Naturally, all local resources were terribly strained. It was a time of renewal, and many old buildings had to give way to the new. The Alachua County Courthouse, built in 1884, was a victim of the times, a loss morned by many still today. But the need for space was undeniable. A new courthouse was built in two stages. The first part, running parallel to University Avenue, was completed in 1958, and the old courthouse remained standing behind it until the time came for the construction of the second part, running parallel to Main Street. That eastern wing was built in 1962. The building is now the Alachua County Administration Building. This photograph, taken from the west side of the courthouse, was taken in 1966.
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