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The most famous hole in North Florida is the Devil's Millhopper, and Gainesville has enjoyed considerable fame for it. The Millhopper (a great natural depression, or sinkhole, northwest of Gainesville) is now a State Park. Cool in summer, visitors see plants not found elsewhere south of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Years ago tourists arrived on trains; they rented buggies and bought lunches from the hotel kitchen, and they drove to the Millhopper to picnic. Hundreds of small streams flow into the Millhopper which is always wet but which has no drain above ground. Before boardwalks limited access, kids played in the streams, finding pre-historic sharks' teeth and other artifacts of the dinosaur age among the limestone sand and pebbles. This view is from a very early hand-colored postcard, printed in Germany, produced in New York, and mailed to a fellow named Clinton in Gainesville in 1908. It is from Sheryl Evans' collection.
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