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In 1851 the Florida Legislature passed a bill to establish two tax-supported state schools-one in East Florida, the other in West Florida, divided by the Suwannee River-and the sites would be determined by which two counties offered the most in land and resources. A year later, in 1852, East Florida Seminary was founded as a fee-based school in Ocala but, short of funds, the school asked for state support. That support was granted in 1853 and EFS resources (land, buildings and cash) were turned over to the state. Over the years, Mr. James Henry Roper, an educator from North Carolina, built a school called the Gainesville Academy on Northeast 1st Street. Mr. Roper was also a State Senator from Alachua County, and in 1866 he offered his land and school to the State of Florida in exchange for the relocation of EFS to Gainesville. His offer was accepted. The impact of East Florida Seminary on Gainesville was extensive. As the best school in this part of the state, it was a magnet to new settlers, resulting in greater opportunities and prosperity for everyone. East Florida Seminary was absorbed into the University of Florida in 1905-1906. East Florida was a coeducational school, and this is a photograph of the females students, taken on the Barracks steps in March 1903. The following names, written in pencil on the back, are difficult to read but appear to be: 1. Miss Winsbush 2. Miss Bessie Colson 3. Miss Ethel Robinson 4. Col. Guilliams 5. Miss Ernie 6. Miss Smith 7. Miss Tussle 8., 9. Unknown 10. Miss Pinkerson 11. Miss Miller 12. Unknown 13. Miss Addie Good 14. Miss Easterlin 15. Miss Ethel Strobhar 16. Miss Clare Stringfellow 17. Miss Doud 18. Miss Ellis 19. Miss Christean Richards 20. Miss Mammie Wilcox 21. Miss Mary DeCosta 22. Miss Alma McCook (M. Rembert) 23. Miss Futch 24. Miss J. Rutland 25. Miss Ethel Holloway 26. Miss Mable Voyle 27., 28., 29. Unknown 30. Miss Mable Rutland 31. Miss Edith Beard 32. Miss Helen Boggs 33. Miss Endle 34. Miss Smith 35. Miss Eloise Brewer 36. Miss Catherine Hampton 37. Miss Winona Godwin 38. Miss Frances Davis 39. Miss Susie Hunter 40. Unknown 41. Miss Abbie Rutland 42. Miss May Floyd 43. Miss Irene McCreay 44. Miss Maud Duke 45. Unknown 46. Miss Wallis 47. Miss A.E.Cline (A. Collins?) 48. Miss Idel Shel? 49. Miss Margerete Stringfellow 50. Miss Alma Fennel 51. Miss McLane 52. Miss Maud Davis
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