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    Edwards Opera House And Wine Room Edwards Opera House And Wine Room
Like so much of Old Gainesville, this building has survived into the present by taking on other appearances and other uses. In 1887 Mr. J. Simonson built the two-story structure to house a second-story opera house with a wine room; the City Cigar Store occupied the first floor. In 1893 Mr. J. F. Edwards bought the building from Mr. Simonson. In 1898, date of this view, Mr. Edwards boasted that his opera house could seat 600 persons and that his wine room was among the best supplied in the state. Movies had not yet come along, radio was still 30 years in the future, television was unthought of, and the opera house was the center of attention for after-hours entertainment. Touring companies and local shows found both a place to perform and an audience at the Opera House. In 1906 Eberle Baird bought the building and added a third floor and a balcony for the upstairs opera house, then called the Baird Theater. The ground floor was occupied by Baird Hardware. The home of Cox Furniture from the 1930s until 1991, it became the home of Harry's Bar & Grill in 1994.
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