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Secondary education in America began during Colonial times, but the concept of a free public high school did not grow rapidly-the attempt to educate all young people was not really accepted until the 20th century. The process involved gradually adding grades to grammar schools as demands and resources directed-first the 9th grade, then the 10th, and so on. The first real public "high school" in Gainesville was established in 1905 or 1906 (records are not clear) in the Kirby Smith building, located on East University Avenue. The school was then called the Gainesville Graded & High School, and it had opened in 1900. The building in this photograph, the second home of Gainesville High School, was completed in 1922 at a cost of $80,000; an extensive addition was built in 1928. By 1955 it was extremely overcrowded and a new GHS was constructed on Northwest 13th Street. At that time this became F. W. Buchholz Junior High School, named for the man who had been GHS principal and football coach, and a highly respected scholar. This location is the 700 block of West University Avenue on the south side of the street.
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