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The fragile glass photographic negative plate, lost or broken years ago, yielded this faded picture of charming, fashionable, turn-of-the-century Gainesville. It was about 3 p.m., possibly on a Sunday afternoon in the fall, when M. Giddings, an early photographer, set up on a tripod his folding camera of varnished wood and black cloth. The convertible buggy top was pushed back to let in the warming sun, and Giddings photographed his wife and daughters, Minnie and Asher, all in their fashionable best. Behind them is north Gainesville as it appeared then, a quiet residential area of gracious homes and white picket fences; the Giddings lived in the area. Now the street is North Main, a busy thoroughfare. Electric power lines, proud reminders of the city's very recent progress, were in the middle of the street, and the railroad tracks were laid in threes so that both standard and narrow-gauge trains could run into the center of Gainesville. This photo was copied from an original owned by Mrs. E. D. Turner.
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