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In 1903 a group of Gainesville women organized a literary society which evolved over the years into the Gainesville Public Library, later the Santa Fe Regional Library and, in 1986, the Alachua County Library District. The first branch libraries opened in 1959 and the first bookmobile was dedicated the same year. By 1997 there were nine branch libraries in addition to Headquarters. The High Springs library was started in 1958 with 350 books donated by the High Springs Elementary School PTA. The library was located in the New Century Women's Club Tea Room. In January 1959 it was moved into a small building donated by North Florida Telephone Company and became a branch of the Santa Fe Regional Library. The building in this photograph, shown in this 1976 photograph, was built that same year by the City of High Springs on land donated by Loncale Phosphate Company. It was enlarged and remodeled after 1985 when taxpayers voted for a separate taxing authority that provided dependable library funding. Phosphate mining, farming, and railroads have been keys to the development of the town. Several community names show up when researching High Springs-Santaffey, Santa Fe, Fairmont, and Orion have all been post office names. The name "High Springs" was adopted on May 24, 1888, and the city was incorporated in 1892.
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