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John Bellamy, a plantation owner at Monticello, was authorized in 1824 by the Territorial Council with a Congressional appropriation of $20,000 to build a road from Picolata on the east bank of the St. Johns River to the Ochlockonee River in West Florida. The route of the Bellamy Road, the first Federal highway in Florida, is shown in the dotted lines of this 1836 map. It was used until the Civil War. Actually the road was not as important to settlers as the road from Jacksonville, across Black Creek, and down to Newnansville, since most early settlers came from Duval County and the St. Mary's River area rather than from St. Augustine. Most forts north and east of Newnansville during the Seminole War were on the Jacksonville road rather than the Bellamy Road. The map shows the Arredondo Grant, made in 1817 (four years before Florida became a U. S. territory), which led to the first settlement of present-day Alachua County. The map also records Dell's Post Office, located not far from the present-day town of Alachua. Present-day Gainesville is located approximately where the words "Pithlachuca Lake" are written; the lake was renamed Newnan's Lake.
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