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In an effort to defeat the Indians by setting up defensive areas with forts for security, Florida was divided into 20-square-mile defensive squares. This 1839 map of Defensive Square #12 shows many details of present-day Alachua County. Included in the Square are Newnansville, Ft. Micanopy, Ft. Clarke, Ft. Walker, Hog Town, and San Felasko Hammock (site of a battle in which militia from Newnansville, using cannons, defeated a force of indians). In the "Encyclopedia of Historic Forts," by Robert B. Roberts, there is an entry for Fort Hogtown: "An Indian defense erected by settlers, Fort Hogtown was built at the beginning of the First Seminole War by the Spring Grove Guards, volunteers from Hogtown and Spring Grove, the then county seat, four miles to the west. The fort was located in the vicinity of today's Westside Park at Northwest 8th Avenue and 34th Street in present-day Gainesville."
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