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In an effort to defeat the Indians by setting up defensive areas with forts for security, Florida was divided into 20-square-mile defensive squares. This 1839 map shows an enlarged portion of Defensive Square #7. Although it is difficult to read, it appears to have been surveyed and drawn by Capt. C. I. Rains. It shows Micanopy just east of the center; the ill-fated Fort Crum sat on the west bank of Alachua (Paynes) Prairie (approximately 6 miles from Micanopy). The fort, built by settlers to defend themselves, was overcome by indians that year and all defenders were killed with the exception of one. The entry in the "Encyclopedia of Historic Forts," by Robert B. Roberts, for "Fort Crum" says: "Misspelled 'Croom' on occasion in Florida history, Fort Crum…was located near the west end of Paynes Prairie, about 6 miles from Micanopy…"
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