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    Map of Florida, 1564 Map of Florida, 1564
This is how Florida was thought to look by Jacques Le Moynes, a French artist who visited the New World in 1564; this map was drawn for France's Charles IX. If you look carefully you can find the location of Alachua County (upper center) generally west and south of a black spot labeled Pontanou. The object shaped like a new moon, just below, is Orange Lake; Lacus Aqua Dulce, further south, is Lake George. The waterfall at top center may be Lake City. St. Augustine had not yet been founded but Cape Canaveral does appear, along with Charleston (Charlesfort). During this tour LeMoyne sketched the Timucua Indians, a nation who flourished for 10,000 years or so on the shores of Paynes Prairie. They lived on fish, birds, small game, beans, and corn. The destruction of the Indian culture, along with English raids and disease, decimated the tribes. By the time of the American Revolution, the Timucuans had all but vanished. Seminoles from Georgia later moved into the nearly empty land.
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