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This pastoral scene must have been a familiar one in bygone years, when sawmills and gristmills were among the first things an early settler needed. A sawmill could cut logs into planks, and a plank home was much easier to build than a log home, it could be larger, and it could have plank floors rather than dirt. A gristmill could grind grain, and grinding grain by hand was an arduous task-it could take hours to grind enough grain for one loaf of bread. So a good sawmill and gristmill attracted new settlers. Sawmills and gristmills were almost always located on streams where a dam controlled the water flow, channeling it over the wheel to turn the millstone or the saw. A close examination of this photograph reveals the dam on the left and the building on the right that housed the saw or wheel. It is not known which stream was the site of this picture.
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