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    Oak Hall Baseball Team, 1903 Oak Hall Baseball Team, 1903
Oak Hall was the name of a huge old house that originally stood on the site of the present-day Hippodrome (formerly the Federal Building and U.S. Post Office). The house was moved to 310 Southeast 1st Street in 1909 when construction on the Federal Building was begun. No one knows for sure who built Oak Hall, when it was built, nor the name's origins, but there is evidence that it was built before the end of the Civil War and that it was surrounded by oak trees during its early days. It was used as a private home, and it later served as the local headquarters of carpetbaggers after the Civil War. It was a rooming house, and at other times housed the U.S. Land Office and offices for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. Teddy Roosevelt is supposed to have spent a night there on a Florida hunting trip. A local ball club met there to organize so they adopted its name as theirs. Although it is difficult to read, the names and playing positions were written on the back of this photograph. They appear to say: Back Row L to R: Chappal, Pitcher; McKinstry, O.F.; Spencer, O.F./Centerfield; Layton, Sec'y; Morrow, P. and 1st Base; Harris, 2nd Base; Hutchinson, Catcher. 2nd Row L to R: McPherer, Mgr; Homer A. Ford, Pres; McElwaine, Sec'y to Ford. Front Row L to R: Tom McCarroll, O.F., [illigible]; Lassiter, [illigible]; Harvey Wallace, Mascot; Brian Bogy, 3rd Base; Liddion, Infield & [illigible]; Lee Graham, [illigible].
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