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    Odd Fellows Home And Sanatorium, Verandas Odd Fellows Home And Sanatorium, Verandas
This old postcard shows the Odd Fellows Home, 740 Southeast 2nd Avenue, as it looked about 1906. It was one of Gainesville's finest and largest structures when completed in 1897. The building was built as a sanitarium for tuberculosis, a disease which brought many people to Florida for the moderate climate and warm sunshine. The building later served as a girls' school, an orphanage, and a home for the elderly. The view shown here was mailed to retired and retiring Odd Fellows and their families all over the nation. It was razed in 1974 so that Southeast 2nd Avenue could be extended through to the Waldo Road. The Odd Fellows is a fraternal organization that was founded in 17th Century England for the purpose of aiding those in need and pursuing projects for the benefit of all mankind. According to a history of the organization, "That common laboring men should associate themselves together and form a fraternity for social unity and fellowship and for mutual help was such a marked violation of the trends of the times...that they became known as 'peculiar' or 'odd,' and hence they were derided as 'Odd Fellows'...When legally incorporated the title 'Odd Fellows' was adopted." This is from Archie L. Jackson's collection.
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