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Mr. O. Brannen Ogletree was one of the first automobile dealers in Gainesville, selling many different kinds of cars including Hudsons, Willys-Knights, and Overland. Ogletree Motor Company operated from 1919 until Mr. Ogletree's retirement in 1952.
According to the "Encyclopedia of American Cars," by Richard M. Langworth and the editors of "Consumer Guide," Hudson produced some of America's finest cars throughout its history. They ranked third in 1925 behind Ford and Chevrolet, but the Depression brought them to their knees—between 1929 and 1933, production fell from 300,000 to barely 40,000. Hudson's last year was 1957. The Willys-Overland Company was formed in 1912; they were contracted to build military Jeeps for World War II, producing 360,000 vehicles from 1940 to 1945.
In the 1920s tire manufacturers sent out fleets of test cars to measure the performance of their tires. The inscription on this photograph states that the B. F. Goodrich Company Test Car Fleet visited Gainesville on March 23, 1927.
In "Gainesville Florida in Pictures & Prose," a small promotional book published in 1925, there is a paragraph about Ogletree Motors, and it says the following about Mr. Ogletree: "He is one of the real live wires in Gainesville's business circles and has always had the best interests of the country at heart."
This building, which burned in 1940, was located on Northwest 1st Avenue between 1st and 2nd Streets.
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