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    Tung Oil Parade Tung Oil Parade
This wonderful parade was organized to celebrate the first full railroad tank-load of tung oil shipped from Gainesville. In the 1930s Alachua County could boast that it produced 90 percent of the nation's tung oil. Tung oil, made from nuts of a tree and used for paint and related products, became the County's most popular crop. The industry lost its popularity in the County after late freezes caught the trees in bloom and damaged crops for several years-and, equally important, synthetics were developed during World War II that decreased the demand for the real thing, although it is still used in limited quantities today. A Cord automobile is pulling the float that is sponsored by Baird Hardware Company. The float has a boat and outboard motor (called a kicker), surrounded by several bathing-suit-clad young people. The photo was taken on the University of Florida campus on Radio Road.
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