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    Officer Cliff Strickland, 1920s Officer Cliff Strickland, 1920s
The 1920s witnessed the modernization of the Gainesville Police Department. Before then patrolmen were dressed informally in bib overalls and, in summer, a straw hat to shade their eyes. The appearance of proper uniforms, the introduction of motorcycle patrols, a records and filing system, and other changes which set the department on its trend to serve a modern city occurred in the 1920s. The man in the picture, Lt. Clifton Ellis Strickland, was a motorcycle patrolman for the Gainesville Police Department for many years. He was born in Lacrosse, Florida, in 1898, and was a resident of Alachua County all his life. When Strickland died, Chief William Joiner said, "The Department has lost a fine officer and valuable member. Lt. Strickland leaves a record of long, loyal and faithful service to the City of Gainesville. He will be hard to replace. He was an inspiration to the younger patrolmen and was a capable and devoted public servant." Officer Strickland lived for many years at 912 N.W. 3rd Avenue in Gainesville.
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