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According to notes on the back of the original photograph, the persons seen here are Mrs. Ammons, Miss Annie Shelton, Wiley Travis, Mrs. John Wing, Mary Ammons, Dr. Newton D. Phillips, Dr. Richardson, and Nina Norton. Mrs. Ammons is wearing traditional clothes of mourning. Although there is not much information on this photo, we can infer a lot more about the people from other scattered bits of information.
According to the 1900 census, Mr. John Ammons was a Gainesville attorney who lived on East Main Street North (Northeast 1st Street today) with his wife, Kate, and two children—Mary (age 6) and Phillips (age 4). Living next door to the Ammons family was Dr. Newton D. Phillips and his wife. There is another photograph of Kate, outdoors and looking over a fence, and on the back it says "Kate Ammons—nee Phillips." So we can guess that Dr. Phillips is quite likely Kate's father. In the index to the "Gainesville Sun" there is an obituary card for Mr. John Ammons, dated September 1903. With this extra information, we can infer that Mrs. Ammons is quite likely Kate Ammons and this photograph was possibly taken sometime in the year after her husband's death. The girl would probably be her daughter, Mary (who would be about 9 or 10 in 1903), and the boy in the front could be young Phillips, although he seems very small for 7 or 8.
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