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The Seagle Building, which is located at 408 West University Avenue, started out in the boom of the 1920s as Gainesville's Kelley Hotel. Construction was begun in 1927, but with failed deals and the 1929 stock market crash it stood unfinished at the 10th floor until 1937. At that time the Seagle family put up $20,000, the city and county governments each put up $10,000, and the state legislature appropriated enough to take over and finish the building. Conditions of the Seagle gift were that the building be given to the University of Florida and that it be named after John F. Seagle. The citation on the back of this postcard, dated June 24, 1947, says "JOHN F. SEAGLE BUILDING UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Tallest education building in the Southeast is the 11-story John F. Seagle Building in which the University maintains the State Museum of Florida, the General Extension Division and various other important University functions." This photo was copied from a postcard, courtesy of Archie L. Jackson.
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