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A close examination of this delightful scene reveals children's toys that almost any antique collector today would just love to have. The children may not have entirely trusted the photographer--perhaps that explains their solumn expressions. But surely they were having a wonderful time that day. There is a doll stroller that appears to be made of wicker and iron. The younger child sits in a child-size wicker chair. A beautiful doll with a big bow in her hair faces the camera and another doll lies on a toy daybed. A tiny tea set is spread out on a low table on the right, and other toys such as a teddy bear, another doll, and a toy piano can be seen. The children appear to be dressed in their finest, and Mama keeps a close watch. The woman in the window is believed to be Mrs. Emma Williams, and the children are most likely her children, Jannieve and Reginald. Mrs. Williams and her husband, Hampton, were both teachers at the Union Academy.
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