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In 1873 Margaret Tebeau, who had moved to Florida from Virginia, opened a private school for Gainesville girls. Miss Tebeau, known as "Miss Maggie," founded the school with her friend, Mrs. Sarah Caroline Morrison Thomas. The school had a steller reputation for many years, continuing long after private schools were no longer so popular. Miss Maggie died in 1924, and Alice Thomas, the daughter of Sarah, became principal and continued to operate the school until it closed in 1936. The school had been the Diocesan School for Girls for the Episcopal Church since 1906, and after 1936 the Church ran the Tebeau Nursery School until 1948; the building was demolished in 1951. The school was located on the southwest corner of the intersection of South Main Street and Southwest 2nd Avenue, the site of the 2003 Alachua County Courthouse. This view was loaned by Mrs. C. Addison Pound, Sr.
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