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    Tin Can Tourist Camp Postcard Tin Can Tourist Camp Postcard
The 1920s were a very exciting time in Florida. Automobiles were moving rapidly off the assembly lines, regular folks were able to afford them, and Florida was beckoning with sunshine and the promise of an easy life and good times. Gainesville's businessmen welcomed those regular folks by providing facilities for camping in their cars-not as comfortable as today's campers, but certainly the same idea. People would rig their cars up with folding side tents or convert trucks with sleeping arrangements in the truckbed. There was a national club, called "Tin Can Tourists," which was organized in 1919 at DeSoto Park in Tampa; members were recognized by a tin can soldered to the radiator cap of a member's car. There is a modern Tin Can Tourist's Vintage Trailer & Motor Coach Gathering which hopes to renew the group's goals of providing "save and clean camping areas, wholesome entertainment, and high moral values." One camp was located in Gainesville and another in Archer. The location of this camp is believed to be the present-day site of Alachua General Hospital (or Shands at AGH). This view is from a postcard loaned by Jess G. Davis and copied with his permission.
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