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The Turner home was far outside of town when it was built late in the 19th century. The location was around present-day Northwest 21st Avenue and 8th Court, and the vicinity north and west of this house did not become part of the city until 1962. Gainesville's city limits went barely beyond the Courthouse Square when the city was founded in 1854, and the first major annexation did not occur until 1869. A note on the back of the photo says the people are, left to right, Mr. B. Wells, Mrs. J. D. Turner, and Mrs. B. Wells. The photo was given to the library by Mrs. E. D. Turner. There is another note on the back of the photo that says the house is "near 2100 N.W. 8th Court" and the comment is signed by Lilly Carter. Miss Carter's home was located at that address, and she was a librarian in Gainesville-in fact, she was the Acting Director for the Santa Fe Regional Library system (of which the Gainesville library was a part) when segregated library facilities were abandoned in 1969.
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