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    West University Avenue & 2nd Street, 1910 West University Avenue & 2nd Street, 1910
This undated photo shows a view of University Avenue looking west from West 2nd Street. The First Presbyterian Church is on the right and (probably) the old Dutton home is on the left. According to Carl Webber's "Eden of the South" (a history of Gainesville published in 1883), "…the handsomest residence is that of Col. H. F. Dutton…it is situated on Liberty Street and has a most beautiful garden with lawns and walks about it, and fountains playing from an artesian well." "Liberty Street" was changed to "University Avenue" after the University of Florida came to Gainesville. The visible features of the house in this photograph match the features of a photograph of the Dutton home in "Florida's Eden," by John B. Pickard. Col. Henry F. Dutton, a Union Army veteran from Vermont, came to Gainesville in 1873 and established the H. F. Dutton Co., dealing primarily in cotton and phosphate. He and his partners opened the Dutton Bank, one of only three banks in Florida at the time. The bank building is still located on the northeast corner of the intersection of West University Avenue and 1st Street, but the house was torn down in the 1920s. Dutton was the largest dealer of Sea Island cotton in the South until about 1910 when the boll weevil made cotton farming in the area unprofitable. The firm was located on what is now the northeast corner of South Main Street at Depot Avenue. This photograph was taken about 1910.
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