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The girls' dormitory for East Florida Seminary was purchased by Maj. W. R. Thomas when EFS was absorbed into the newly-created University of Florida in 1905-1906. Maj. Thomas converted the dorms into a splendid hotel with very comfortable bedrooms, as seen in this postcard. The White House opened in July 1907, and through the years a number of additions and improvements were made. In fact, the first addition, extending the building until it faced both Main and 1st Streets, was done soon after the hotel opened. In 1911 a driveway for automobiles was built on the south side of the building, and in 1913 a two-story wing was added which increased the dining room capacity to 200 guests. Authorities are not sure of the exact date that the White House was built, but it was closed and demolished in 1962. The Hotel was located in the block bordered by present-day North Main Street and Northeast 1st Street, 4th Avenue, and 5th Avenue. This is a copy of an undated postcard that says "One of the Bed Rooms at the White House, the Hotel that made Gainesville, Florida, Famous."
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