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Although East Florida Seminary was a coeducational institution, the University of Florida, which absorbed EFS, was not-it was guys only. Still, there were several important social weekends at UF that were centered mostly around fraternities, and dates came from Gainesville and other towns, especially from Florida State College for Women in Tallahassee. Ladies often stayed at the White House Hotel-according to Sam Proctor in "Gator History," the White House and the Hotel Thomas were often "thronged with 'dates.'" Formerly the women's dorms for East Florida Seminary, the building was purchased by Maj. W. R. Thomas and converted into the fashionable White House Hotel. It was located in the block bordered by North Main Street and Northeast 1st Street, 4th Avenue, and 5th Avenue. This postcard, dated April 30, 1934, was copied with the permission of Archie L. Jackson. The citation on the back says "THE WHITE HOUSE, GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA Situated in the residential section of the University City. A hotel which combines a charming home atmosphere with distinctive appointments and every modern facility for efficient service. Steam heat, telephone and electric fan in every room."
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