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    Businesses In Gainesville (About 1915) Businesses In Gainesville (About 1915)
Back in the second decade of the 20th Century, progress was having your own grocery store or bakery with trucks to deliver the merchandise. The date of this view is unknown, but the time is probably around 1915. The delivery truck in front is a 1915 Dodge, and starting it was strictly a stand-and-crank procedure. The door came up only as high as the edge of the driver's seat, and carriage lamps were set on each side of the fold-down windshield. Eatmor Bread's specialty was their "butternut bread," and the company shipped as far away as Tallahassee and Tampa. The businesses in this photo were located on what must have been the feedingest corner in town—the southwest corner of the intersection of West University Avenue and 6th Street. Stewart Ramey and R. L. McKinstry ran a grocery store ("Best of Everything, Cash and Carry") next door to L. E. McHaffey's Grocery Store, which wanted cash but would deliver. Next door to McHaffey's was a confectionery and fountain store. Ramey, McKinstry, and their drivers all wore the dapper little hats which were called skimmers. The two trucks behind are White models of about the same vintage. The Whites were nice; like all vehicles, the drivers had to crank the engines to start them, and the Whites had a fixed crank.
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