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Construction on a private home for Mr. Charles W. Chase, a wealthy phosphate man with the Dutton Company, was begun in 1906; the home was going to be very large, and Mr. Chase had cleared two city blocks for the work. But he had a sudden and unexpected heart attack in 1909 and died without ever finishing. Maj. William R. Thomas bought the unfinished building and completed it the next year as the showplace of Gainesville, where he raised his family. In 1925 citizens were invited to invest in the conversion of the house into a hotel. By 1928 the Hotel Thomas was functioning as a popular hotel, bringing many visitors to Gainesville. The Thomas dominated the hotel world in Gainesville for many years prior to the advent of comfortable motels, but in 1968 their doors were closed. For awhile the building was a temporary home for Santa Fe Junior College, but eventually it was purchased by the City of Gainesville for government offices. It is also an ideal spot for weddings, receptions, recitals, etc.
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