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    Bench on the Hotel Thomas Miniature Golf Course Bench on the Hotel Thomas Miniature Golf Course
After Mr. Charles W. Chase, wealthy phosphate executive, died unexpected while on a business trip in 1909. His home, which was under construction, was sold to Maj. William R. Thomas who finished it for his own family. In 1925 Maj. Thomas raised a large sum of money to expand the building into a hotel, and by 1928 the Hotel Thomas was by far the most beautiful and impressive hotel in Gainesville. The "Social Calendar" in the April 1, 1930, "Gainesville Sun" mentions the Hotel's miniature golf course, which is most probably the explanation for the rolling mounds visible in the foreground. An excerpt from the Sun article follows: "Mrs. Charles Morris of Brooklyn, who has been at the Hotel Thomas for the past two weeks, was joined Sunday by her daughter, Miss Elizabeth Morris, who is on her Easter vacation from college. Yesterday Miss Morris presented an attractive figure in her sports suit of tomato red French flannel with beret to match. She and Mrs. Morris spent the morning on the miniature golf course."
The Hotel Thomas dominated the hotel world in Gainesville for many years prior to the advent of comfortable motels, but in 1968 their doors were closed. For awhile the building was a temporary home for Santa Fe Junior College, but eventually it was purchased by the City of Gainesville for government offices. It is again the showplace of Gainesville and an ideal spot for weddings, receptions, recitals, etc.
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