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    Methodist Church, 1874-? Methodist Church, 1874-?
The first building (shown in this photograph) of the First United Methodist Church stood for many years on the present church grounds (419 Northeast 1st Street). Before this building was constructed in 1874, services were held in the Alachua County Courthouse and the First Presbyterian Church. According to an article on the history of the Church in the "Gainesville Daily Sun," "This old church was the scene of one of the most outstanding revival services in Gainesville's history in 1887. The evangelist was the Rev. John B. Culpepper, an old-time ‘fire and brimstone’ preacher. Nearly 50 members were added to the church during the revival." Above the door are the letters WCTU--Women's Christian Temperance Union; the primary goal of the WCTU was abstinence from alcohol for everyone. When a new building was constructed (visible on the left), the old building was moved. It is now a private home on the northeast corner of Northeast 3nd Avenue and 2nd Street.
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