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    Rolfs Family (Christmas 1917) Rolfs Family (Christmas 1917)
Peter Henry Rolfs, born in 1865 in LeClaire, Iowa, came to Lake City, Florida, in 1891 as Horticulturist and Biologist for the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station and Professor of Natural Science, Entomology, & Botany for the Florida Agricultural College. Two years later he went to Clemson, then to Miami, and in 1906 he became the Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station and Dean of the College of Agriculture at the brand-new University of Florida. Rolfs was in Gainesville until 1920 when he left to establish and direct an agricultural school in Brazil. He remained in Brazil the rest of his professional life. After retirement he and his daughter, Clarissa, traveled throughout Brazil, South America, and the United States studying agricultural education. He died in 1944. Rolfs Hall, located on Buckman Drive on the University of Florida campus, was completed in 1927. Originally called the Horticulture Building, it was designed by campus architect Rudolph Weaver in the Collegiate Gothic style that characterized other UF buildings at that time. It was renamed "Rolfs Hall" in the 1950s and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. Dr. Rolfs was a photography buff and left many photographs of his family and friends. This photo was taken during World War I around Christmastime-he wrote on the back of the snapshot, "Oh, you Christmas!" Clarissa Rolfs is in the car. In the background is a signboard, erected by Wilson's Department Store, reminding all to have a jolly Christmas.
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