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This is a photograph of an early garage which operated in Gainesville around 1915. The large number of wooden-wheeled automobiles is proof that autos were already very popular. This garage is believed to be either the old Ford Agency, which became the home of University Chevrolet (located at 211 Southeast 1st Street before it was razed in the mid-1960s) or the old Fowler Garage, which was later part of Poole-Gable Motors. The Poole-Gable Motors building, located at 111 Southeast 1st Avenue, later became the Star Garage; it is on the National Register of Historic Places. According to the "World Book Encyclopedia," many authorities believe that the second most important reason that the automobile became such a practical mode of transportation is because of the development of the pneumatic tire (tires filled with compressed air)—the most important reason would be the development of the internal combustion engine.
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