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Dr. John Hiram Alderman was a prominent Gainesville dentist and businessman who was born in Melrose and moved to Gainesville in 1901. His office was located between 3rd and 4th Streets on West University Avenue, and his waiting room was decorated in the popular style of the day (this photograph was probably taken about 1910-1915). The wallpaper had an ornate design and a matching frieze, or border, along the tops of the walls, and there was picture molding from which an etching of a landscape was hung. The chairs were not upholstered because that would have been uncomfortable in hot weather, and the table and chairs were made of dark wood. In the large window there were interior shutters with rolling slats that could be opened or closed to keep out the sun and Florida heat or to allow the passage of air and light. The doorway had a transom light which also could be opened or closed to allow movement of air, to keep the room warm in cold weather, and to allow light to enter the hall. Decorating with books and plants was fashionable. Through the doorway we can see a mirrored hall tree in the wide hall. Dr. Alderman died in 1941.
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