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    East Main Street South, 1890s East Main Street South, 1890s
Present-day Southeast 1st Street (East Main Street before July 1950) was a shady thoroughfare when this photograph was taken in the 1890s. The photographer was standing about 2 or 2-1/2 blocks south of present-day University Avenue, looking north (about where the Hippodrome is today). Jess Davis, in his "History of Gainesville Florida," wrote about an 1890 "Florida Times Union" (the Jacksonville newspaper) edition that carried news from all over the State. In their description of Gainesville they focused mostly on the Courthouse, calling it "…one of the largest and handsomest." Many Gainesville citizens and their occupations were described, including Alexander Lynch, the grandfather of Haisley Lynch, the man who was killed in World War I and for whom the Gainesville American Legion Post is named.
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