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    East Main Street South-Tree in Intersection East Main Street South-Tree in Intersection
This photo of Southeast 1st Street, looking south from University Avenue, shows a tree and planter in the intersection. The U.S. Post Office, today's Hippodrome Theater, is at the end of the street, and we can see the east side of the Courthouse. According to Jess Davis in "History of Gainesville Florida," early Gainesville streets were abominable. During rainy weather the water stood in pools, often the entire length of the street. Big changes came around 1913 to the Courthouse Square. On February 6 of that year, the "Gainesville Sun" described how the ground was being prepared for the laying of bricks using plows drawn by a steam engine to break up the rock. That rock was then being recycled as a more primitive form of paving on other less heavily-used streets. On February 10, the "Sun" said that the work being done would "make Gainesville the best-paved inland city of Florida." And on May 1 the "Sun" described the street paving that was in process. "Since the paving operations began several weeks ago, a total of six blocks have been paved, and the work is pronounced as good as can be found in the country." The work was done by the Georgia Engineering Company with vitrified brick. This undated postcard was copied with the permission of Archie L. Jackson.
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