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    West Main Street, 1st Block North West Main Street, 1st Block North
This photograph, taken in the 1940s, is of the east side of West Main Street North, the first block north of University Avenue. At that time Gainesville had two Main Streets--East and West--running along the east and west sides of the Courthouse. The street-naming system was changed on July 1, 1950. Businesses from left to right are the Gainesville Cafeteria, the Gilbert Hotel (formerly the Brown House), a real estate and insurance office, the First National Bank, and the Royal Café (which faced University Avenue). Note the Gainesville Cafeteria's screen doors. Before airconditioning, the slam of the screen door was a familiar sound to Floridians-the doors had a spring that slammed the door shut the minute you let it go. The Alachua County Courthouse is seen in the distance. The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad tracks were still running down West Main; the tracks were removed in 1948.
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