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Young Dr. Etienne Lartigue is shown standing in his office, which was located on the second floor of the Vidal Building on the north side of the Courthouse Square. Dr. Lartigue was born in 1870 in South Carolina, moved to Orlando around 1885, and soon came to Gainesville to attend East Florida Seminary. After graduating from EFS, he worked as a pharmacist at Bodiford's, a Gainesville drug store. In 1893 he married Miss Allie Dell, from Hague, Florida, and they moved to Maryland where Etienne attended the Baltimore School of Medicine. When he graduated in 1897, he returned to Gainesville where he set up his practice; he was the first public health officer for the State of Florida. Etienne and Allie had three children-Gerard Dell (who died as an infant), Marie, and Dorothy. Tragically, Dr. Lartigue died while far too young, at the age of 46, of a stroke. He is buried with his wife in Evergreen Cemetery.
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