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    Mary Salley Lartigue Mary Salley Lartigue
In 1885 Mary Cornelia Salley Lartigue (shown in this portrait) moved with her husband, Charles Etienne Lartigue, from Blackville, South Carolina, to Orlando, Florida. Mrs. Lartigue moved to Gainesville later, probably in 1904 after her husband died in Orlando. Their son, Dr. Etienne Lartigue, lived in Gainesville with his wife and children. Dr. Lartigue's sister and her husband died soon after, and Mary raised their two children, Doris and Louis Lyell. When Mary died in 1919, Mrs. S. R. Cone paid tribute to her friend in the Gainesville Sun with the following poem-

  • "We who have known her have no word to say;
  • We only feel a heavy loss, this day.
  • We only feel a bitter loneliness,
  • That she, herself, perhaps, would never guess.
  • We only feel the tears begin to start
  • For we who lived beside her knew her heart."
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